Distinctive.  Consistent.  Disciplined.

Analytical Reports on Equities, Fixed-Income, Currencies, and Commodities

Focuses on knowing what actions to take when markets reach certain thresholds, regardless of directionality.

Projects forward one time-period, carefully distinct levels of trend, support, and resistance.

Identifies potential trading ranges for the next time-periods yet to occur.

Overlays multiple time-periods, giving visual representation to the strength of support and resistance.

Follow the fundamentals in your trading but only if and as long as the charts do not cast a negative vote.
Making price predictions is futile.  Spend no time predicting where the price will go.  Spend your time focusing on knowing what action you will take when the price "gets there". 
Having a strategy that is defined, quantified, and measured is required.  Most importantly, a market participant must have the discipline to follow the strategy.
Never, ever be short gamma.
Embrace volatility for, ultimately, that is the source of profits.
The purpose of every trading session is to surpass the high or low of the previous trading session.
Core Tenets



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Consistency across multiple time-periods.  We begin with quarterly data and progress down in time through monthly, weekly, and daily data.

Consistency across multiple asset classes.  We currently provide analysis for 117 markets across agriculture, energy, equity, foreign exchange, interest rates, metals, and softs.  Bespoke analysis is available upon request.

Durable, accurate, and actionable through multiple complete market cycles.

Based upon the facts we know, as given to us by the markets themselves.  As a direct consequence, guessing, hope, fear, and greed are eliminated.

By integrating our analysis into their decision-making framework, market participants can validate or challenge existing convictions to achieve their goal of protecting, preserving, and enhancing client capital..

Markets are the product of price and speculation.  The traded market price can't be manipulated, it is worthy of belief.

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