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Global Technical Analysis


2007 - Present

Tillman Hall Capital Management

Managing Member


Bank of America Corporation

Chief Investment Office

Senior Vice President


  Portfolio Manager:

    MBS | $200B | 1997 - 2001

    IR Derivatives | $280B | 2001 - 2005

    CMBS | $4B | 2005-2007

    Corporates | $5B | 2005 - 2007

    Equities | $3B | 2005 - 2007


Master of Business Administration

Queen's University


B.S. Financial Management

Minor in Accounting

Cum Laude

Clemson University


Professional Certifications:

2008 Series 3

2001 Chartered Financial Analyst



Global Technical Analysis is an independent research publication, free from the distraction of conflicts of interest.  It is offered by subscription only, to a limited number of subscribers, so as not to dilute the value of the research to existing subscribers.

Selective content from our research has been published by leading media outlets, including: 


Annual subscriptions are offered at the flat rate of $3,000.

We provide analysis for 116 markets for 252 trading sessions, which totals 29,232 individual reports produced per year.  That equates to $0.10 per report.

We sincerely believe that you will not find a better value from a competing technical analysis service provider.

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All investments are subject to risk, which should be considered prior to making any investment decisions.

J. Brett Freeze, CFA is the principal of Global Technical Analysis.  Mr. Freeze has 28 years of experience, having managed capital in both major financial institutions and private investment funds.  He has managed capital autonomously and collaboratively through multiple complete market cycles with a focus on risk management and generating positive risk-adjusted investment returns.